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Geography is one of the four early academic departments at Jahangirnagar University under the faculty of Social Sciences. The Department started its academic activities with a handful number of faculties and undergraduate students immediately after the independence of Bangladesh. Since then, the Department grew gradually and established itself at the forefront of higher learning institutions in the country. Although comparatively of a recent origin, the department has produced a number of Ph.Ds, which is highest in the university as well as among other geography schools in the country.

Departing from the traditional geography, the department placed emphasis on the modern applied approaches in its academic curricula and research activities suited to the study of Read More

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Why Choose Us?

Geography is primarily concerned with the location and arrangement in space of human and natural phenomena, and with the interrelationships between people and their environments. Geographers have an intense curiosity about the world. They ask questions and investigate the "why" and "where" of various social, economic and environmental phenomena. They contribute to the development of public policy and influence the way society views itself and the world. Geography touches almost every aspect of our lives. Geographers are interested in such topics as the location of industry and business, urban growth and development, regional planning and policy, physical and ecological environments, interactions of people and places over space and time, and the diffusion of information and innovation.

Stories of world hunger, environmental quality, hazardous-waste disposal, crime, urban housing, water management, transportation problems are found in the news each and every day. Many employers have begun to realize that education and training in Geography offers a comprehensive background for real-world problem solving. Geography is a scientific field that uses large amounts of data to understand spatial relationships and how they affect social and environmental issues. Geographers are equipped with skills - quantitative methods, field techniques, computer technology, data handling and analysis, cartographic display and production, and written and verbal communication skills - to address the spatial and temporal dimensions of these problems. Geographers use the physical sciences, social sciences, computational sciences, and humanities to analyze and characterize both human and physical phenomena.

Our faculty members are well qualified and have international exposure. We have special focus of GIS and Remote Sensing based study in the field of Geography.