• Department of Geography and Environment

Khandakar Hasan Mahmud

Associate Professor




Khandakar Hasan Mahmud

Associate Professor

MSc (Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh)

MEnv (University of Manitoba, Canada)

Vulnerability and Resilience, Geostatistics, GIS and Remote Sensing, Historical GIS

Mr. Mahmud started his career as a GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst in Prakaushali Sangsad Ltd. Then he joined as a Lecturer of GIS in the Department of Environmental Science and Resource Management, Mawlana Bhasani Science and Technology University, Tangail. In 2009 he has joined the Department of Geography and Environment at Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka. Mr. Mahmud has published ‘Ogni Geographic Atlas’ using the latest GIS and Cartographic techniques. He has a number of international and national research papers and joined lots of workshops and conferences. Mr. Mahmud is one of the key members of the Banglapedia Cartographic Team. He also works as a chief cartographer for the National Atlas of Bangladesh.


Sl. Title Year Download
1 Minority Biharis, Human Development and local governance in Bangladesh, Local Governance and Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh 2007
2 Introductory GIS 2013
3 A Text Book of GIS and Remote Sensing 2017


Sl. Title Year Download
1 A Study on the Changing Morphometry of Karnafuli Basin (1779-2001) 2007
2 Role of Geographical Information System in Spatial Distribution, Mapping and Analysis of Urban Crime 2007
3 Urban Health Care Facility System in Savar Paurashava 2008
4 Potentiality and Reality of Photovoltaic Electricity in the Coastal Islands of Bangladesh: A case study on the Sandweep Thana 2008
5 Indo-Bangladesh En(x)claves and Present Status of Human Development: A case study of Dahagram-Angarpota Exclave 2008
6 Community Based Environmental Risk Assessment of Islampur Union under Chhatak Upazila, 2010
7 The Role of Rural Growth Centers in Rural Development 2010
8 Vulnerability Assessment of the North-Eastern Piedmont Plain Environment of Bangladesh 2011
9 Community Based Risk Adaptation to Climate Change: Case of Sarankhola Upazila, Bagerhat 2011
10 Identification of Hazards and Local Level Coping Strategies in Haor Region: Case Point Companiganj Upazila Under Sylhet District 2011
11 Industrial Waste Disposal and Environmental Pollution: Case Point BSCIC Industrial Estate, Tongi, Gazipur 2011
12 Environmental Risk Assessment in Haor Environment of Bangladesh 2013
13 Role of Risk Mapping in Hazard Risk Assessment of a Coastal Community 2013
14 Revised Checklist and Distribution Map of Anopheles (Insecta: Diptera: Culicidae: Anophelinae) Mosquitoes of Bangladesh 2013
15 The Critical Role of Human Population in Sustainable Human Development of a Community 2013
16 The role of Spatial Distribution of Sunshine in Selection of a Solar Panel: A Geographical Investigation 2013
17 Mahasthangarh as Archaeological Site: A Geographical Investigation 2014
18 Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing based change analysis of Land use/ Land cover in the prairie lands of Manitoba 2015
19 PCA as a tool of LULC based changed detection in a suburb area of Dhaka city 2015
20 Spatial Distribution of Communities of Ancient India: A comparative study between before and after Aryan invasion 2016
21 Geographical Reconstruction of Vedic and Mahabharat Period Bengal 2016
22 Putting Resilience in its Place, Faculty of Social Science 2017
23 Putting Vulnerability in its Place 2017
24 Potentiality of Geospatial Techniques for Measuring Geomorphic Indices 2018
25 Development of a Climate Classification Map for Bangladesh based on Koppen’s Climatic Classification 2018
26 Spatial Distribution of Brick Kilns and Landuse Change: A Case Study on Yearpur Union of Savar Upazila 2018
27 Geographical Distribution of Archaeological Sites of Rangpur Division 2018
28 Reproduction of the selected historical maps at present coordinate system used at the great voyage of Christopher Columbus 2020
29 Error calculation of the selected maps used in the great voyage of Christopher Columbus, Faculty of Social Science 2020


Sl. Title Year Download
1 Ogni Geographical Atlas 2013
2 National Atlas of Bangladesh 2016